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The Troller Metaverse Museum will be a unique Marketplace where all our NFT will be displayed once the competition process is completed and we have all rankings and top 3 winners, it will be in a 3D ENVIRONMENT scene full of creativity.

We will have separate Museum Rooms for each competition NFTs, where the top 100 Arts that qualified for the competition will be for sell in Auction style for All NFTs.

The Top 3 winners NTFs auction will start with the same reward value provided by the Troller to the Artists, for the first competition the Winner NFT will be auctioned at the same price of 1 BITCOIN and all other 97 NFTs starting auction price will be 1000$.

Down on the roadmap we are planning to have a VR integration for our Museum in order to achieve the best quality of user experience and complete the full vision of the Troller Metaverse Museum.

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