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Our Dream Team is made of Blockchain experts/NFT Artists/Growth Hackers/Marketing & Sales/Entertainment Enthusiasts/Art Directors/Creative Graphic Designers.We are all from different backgrounds our head office is in Dubai but most of the team is located in different parts of the world, most important thing is that we share the same goals and we will work together until we achieve them and get the Troller to the position he deserves which is the Number 1 spot in MEME coins category.


Yassine mazrara

Founder & CEO

Crypto Growth Hacker, CMO @Dnft Protocol, Ex Sales & Marketing Engineer @Google,Ex Project Manager @Tik Tok

Adam Shuai

Chief Technical Officer

Co-Founder @DNFT Protocol, Ex Product Manager @TouchPal, Ex Software Developer @Honeywell

Muzamil Amin Nagoo

Marketing Director

CEO @ Gulf Exellence,
Co-Founder @Goldme

Benito Elisa

Head of Partnerships

Founder & CEO @ Wakanda, Ex Vice Preident Africa Emerging Tech

Romeo lewis

Project Lead

shen yu wesley

Chinese Community Manager

Collin VanderHook

Social Media Manager

mourad hajaji

Art Director

axtram. eth

Digital Artist

Anthony Bomez

Marketing Executive

Buddy Medeiros

Marketing Analyst

Basstian vega

Video Production Manager

Tafari Carter

Web Content Writer

Dora Palacios

Social Media Analyzer

Kyle Burklew

Video Editor

Toufie Tagsip

Social Media Specialist


The Trollers China Community

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London, N1 7AA, United Kingdom

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